Wedding Hair Stylist

Award Winning Methods For Your PERFECT Look

OMG… you’re getting Married, and you can’t afford to have anything to STUFF UP on the biggest day of your life!

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Beautiful bride on wedding day
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Your X-Per-Tease Bridal Hair Stylist, trained by Multi-Award Winner Teressa Au, will see to it that stressing over HAIR ISSUES, and -looking right- on the day is one thing you won’t need to have anxiety over.

Having a million and one things to organise is bad enough, but having a million and one things to stress over is even worse. So having a real, fully qualified, truly professional wedding hair stylist trained with the secrets of someone like Teressa Au can allow you to BREATH… not stress… and not fear about how you’re going to look in front of everyone you’ve known all your life, or is important to you.

We come to your home, ON TIME.

No need to run around like a headless chicken to and from your nearest hairdresser. As if all the other things you need to prepare isn’t bad enough.


Our big Secret:

We spend a FULL HOUR assessing & consulting with you and your brides maids BEFORE your wedding day. This is our secret to getting it RIGHT on the day, so you won’t have to stress with how you’ll look, and can feel safe to get as excited as you want for your wedding day!

You know you’ll look your best because of our unique consultations which carefully asses your physical appearance and features. These tell us what style, colour and cut will be PERFECT for you, with the added class and elegance Teressa Au is famous for.

You’ll look your BEST, that is what you can count on … and NOT WORRY ABOUT.


Save Money by Hiring our Hair Accessories

You already have enough wedding expenses as it is, so don’t waste money by buying expensive accessories when you can just hire ours for a fraction of the cost.

Book now for your Consultation, with a Hair Stylist Certified and Trained by the Multi-Award Winning Teressa Au.
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