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Flat Out Mums & Career Women!!! No Need to Stress Anymore with “No TIME to Pamper Myself” Syndrome

Sad and Frustrated because you don’t have time for treatments that are longer than an hour?

Suffering from the horrible ‘deprived’ and ‘rundown’ feeling from not having the time to pamper yourself thanks to putting your career, kids & family before YOU??

Due to all the above… is the’ol self esteem down a few notches because you look like ‘crap’?

Or how about that fear of not having the time to maintain your cut, colour, and looks in general that you spent valuable time and hassle to get. Or you’re a mum who is worried you won’t have the money to maintain it because you’re spending it on kids, and stressing you’ll end up looking run-down, like a ‘worn out shoe’ as a result?

Well fear no more, and discover…

The Practical, Realistic X-Per-Tease 4-Step System to Regaining that Hot, Classy, Stylish look Specifically Designed to Make Men Glance, Girlfriends Hate You, and Draw Impressed Smiles & Comments at Work


Step 1: Mums & Busy Career Women… Use our Kids Corner Fully equipped with Tablets containing games, Disney movies, and late night operating hours on Thursday, Friday night till 9pm & Sat and Sun till 5pm… And we’re open on Mondays.

Feeling totally upset and cheated because you don’t have time to come in at all? You’re trying to balance your kids needs, family needs and career needs… and whatever change is left at the end (which is NEVER enough) is for your needs.

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The frustration is almost unbearable when your insecurity cops another blow every time you look in the mirror each morning, with absolutely no idea when you can get the time to spend hours at your local Salon to look beautiful again. Here’s why these constant ‘pain in the neck’ issues are FINELY a thing of the past at X-Per-Tease…

1)      The X-Per-Tease Strategic ‘Blocks of Time’ Plan: Yes, we know full-well that you struggle to devote more than an hour at a salon. So our first step in making your goal for that ritzy glamour look realistic is we create ‘blocks of time’, to first have a cut. In the ensuing blocks of time (next few weeks) we do each segment of a long treatment, making it feasible in a realistic practical way for you to get spoilt like a glamour queen. And get that sophisticated look you want. What a RELIEF!


2)      No more stress thanks to our Kids Corner with fun games & Disney movies: We know you’ll be thanking us for this… Yes you love your kids, but being angry at them for making you ‘feel’ ugly because they prevent you from going to a hair salon outside of business hours won’t solve your problem either. But now, you can close your eyes, forget about the world and relax into your treatment with no stress because your gorgeous little baby is busy playing a game or watching a movie on our tablets that we provide for FREE, in our Kids Corner. Came in for a two hour treatment? … Simple, get them to watch a two hour Disney movie on our tablet… Agh yes, like the old song goes… “Happy times are here again…”


3)      Not home till 7pm? … Fully booked EVERY weekday?… (and your appearance suffering because of your crazy schedule?) : Yes, we’re open MONDAYS… and Saturday-Sunday till 5pm, AND Thursday-Friday till 9pm. How dare that hairdresser of yours be closed on a Friday night, or Sat/Sun after 3pm, or Mondays…

EXCUSE ME… but what’s a lady supposed to do now?!?! Just keep on looking like an old shoe? Jokes aside… this can be maddening when the only ‘bit of time’ the heavens have bestowed on you to have for yourself… that dam hairdresser isn’t even open. Well… WE ARE… so you can have a chance pamper yourself, look beautiful and feel like a woman again. Oh, wouldn’t that be nice?!!

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Step 2: The Big X-Per-Tease Secret is… Our Unique and PROPER Consultations Customised for YOUR unique physical features – That’s the secret to transforming you into Ms Sexy Sophisticate respected by all…. And FINALY never worry about whether you’ll get the look you want each time you walk in to a salon.

You manage to get to your hairdresser… You provided them the info on what you (thought) you needed to get that hot look you wanted, but end up with something you did NOT have in mind. Grrrrrrrr…

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Feel like taking a stab in the dark as to WHAT look to get, and HOW to get that look which will satisfy you and be really excited about yourself all over again? Tired of wasted money down the drain? Well here’s how to avoid this perpetual disappointment and frustration that constantly robs you of you beauty that all women have.

We at X-Per-Tease don’t book appointments for a cut or treatment, without having an actual, honest to goodness, REAL and PROPER consultation first. And here’s why… (the biggest deciding factor that’ll make you ‘happy as a princess on her wedding day’, or down, disillusioned and insecure about walking out the salon).

By having a minimum 20 minute proper consultation BEFORE your first cut or treatment, (something hair dressers either never do, or don’t do correctly) you’ll discover that what you ‘think’ is the look to go for, is NOT the look that’ll make you happy, restore your beauty and confidence.

Better yet, only with a proper consultation by a hair stylist trained by a multi Award winning guru like our Teressa Au, will you get a proper assessment of all the following:

  • face shape,
  • body shape,
  • eye colour,
  • skin tone & colour,
  • your personality,
  • growth pattern,
  • lifestyle,
  • hair density,
  • hair texture

… to formulate the RIGHT look for you! ALL these things must be assessed, in order for your stylist (NOT you) to come up with that elusive look that will make feel beautiful, impress other people, and admire you for your style, charisma and sophisticated glamour look.

You know if your stylist is not the right for you if he/she’s not taking all those things into account… Your confidence, people’s attitude towards you, and satisfaction with yourself needlessly suffers as a result.

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Step 3: The X-Pertease ‘Time Saving’ methods for QUICK, easy & realistic maintenance… to STAY beautiful and not make that money you spent a WASTE.

Ok… we all know that your week is full, your schedule out of control, so you don’t have much time to maintain whatever treatment you spend valuable time and money on, much less do your hair up every time you step out. Solution? First of all, in our first consultation together, one of the things you noticed we take into serious consideration is your lifestyle. We’re not going to give you a hot new look that takes an hour a week to maintain, and half an hour a day to do it up.

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You’ll get a look that’s realistic to do-up, or fix-up, in the kind of time you have available between kids and career.

Example… Our Japanese Ionic Chemical Straightening is faster and will still make you look glamorous because although the process itself takes 3-4 hours, you won’t have to spend 2 hours washing, blow-waving or straightening each week for at least 3 to 6 months.

With our Japanese Ionic Straightening keeping your hair straight for up to 6 months, you save 2 hours per week= about 8hours per month, x 6 months= 48 hours saved. That’s 2 whole days you’ll save.

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Step 4: Avoid these 5 God-awful mistakes, to draw admiring, ego-boosting comments and smiles, instead of having people not even notice you.

Because of your lack of time, you may be one of those ladies who walks in to any hairdresser that can take you in straight away, or rushes treatments into shorter time and sessions, and inevitably end up with a sloppy job without getting the look you want, (or the FEELING you want to end up with).

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So you not only leave with that gnawing ‘not 100% happy’ feeling for the umpteenth time, but also end up with worse damage to your hair due to over processing of hair treatments, (ex: going dark to blond in one session). So PLEASE, for the sake of saving your ego… do NOT:

  1. Choose a hairdresser based on location or convenience of ‘popping in’ when it’s suitable, like shopping time, or close to where you may have left the kids temporarily.
  2. Rushing the process of finding good stylist, and end up calling your local hairdresser, who doesn’t provide a proper (real) consultation. Missing Step 2 in other words.
  3. Walk into one of those ‘quick-cut’ hairdressers when they often don’t prepare your hair for cutting, which perpetuates frustrations and disappointments.
  4. Don’t do hair and scalp analysis  to prevent things like – using over moisturising shampoo which prevents the volume/vibrancy to your hair that you might need to achieve the glamour look you dream of.
  5. Use a hair stylists that asks you “So what would you like done/How do you want it cut”? (… that’s the red flag that you’re not likely to end up with a happy result. They should be insisting on a proper consultation, and explaining why a different set of looks might suit you better, and combining that with your preference.

You don’t have time to waste. Only with our Hair Stylist trained by a recognised Hair Style Award Winner like Teressa Au, can you be assured of peace-of-mind that you’ve found someone who you can rely on, trust, and not worry about this stressful issue that impacts your life again.

Lastly… Our Multi-Award Winning Teressa Au Certified hair stylists want to leave you with this important message.

Even if you think you’re not ‘good looking’… the right hairstyle CAN make you look good, sophisticated, and make people respect you more and treat you better, not just from looking your best, but by seeing that you have a high regard for yourself and sense of style, therefore, treat you accordingly.

As the old saying goes… “If you look like trash, people will treat you like trash”.

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