Guys…Our Unique Consultation Methods Can Get You That Look Which Commands Respect, Impresses Women, by Looking Smart & Sophisticated

That’s right… Even if you think you’re not ‘good looking’… Charisma, projecting a sense of style & sophistication to people (especially women) increases your appeal AND attractiveness… All without having to blow $50 on what turns out to be the same bloody haircut as a $20 one.

Yes, we know you’re frustrated and annoyed that you even have to come in to a hairdresser to begin with, let alone not finding the cut & style that’ll improve your looks to women thanks to the amateur ‘one size fits all’ approach hairdressers have to men’s cut.

  • We have a ‘no wait’ policy.

  • and a special Physical Assessment Consultation Method that guarantees you get the hottest look for YOU!

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You’re confidence and insecurity takes a little beating when you’re hair looks like crap, making your face look even worse.

Don’t you HATE that?!      … It can affect your whole day (and night), can’t it!

It’s amazing how your hair transforms your whole persona (and your self-esteem). Making you feel GREAT about yourself and confident, or nervous and insecure when you ‘couldn’t get it right”.

You know you look great on a ‘good hair night’, which makes you look forward to and be excited about going out because you know you’re going to look good to women, and command respect from other men. Well, how would you like to look even better, and make every day & night you step out, a moment you look forward to and feel excited about??!


If you think you got an ‘average face’ that doesn’t really impress women… you’ll be SHOCKED by how much better (and hotter) you can look to them, when you’re given real style, real class, and real sophistication through a customised look that’s right for YOUR face, all possible thanks to our unique Consultation methods.

Make no mistake, receding hair-line or not, when you project to women a sense of style – that you have taste – chicks DIG THAT regardless of whether you have average looks, or model looks.

When girls see you got your hair sorted, and looking smart, they think you got your head (and life) sorted, which we all know attracts them to you. It creates a good reflection of who you are, and we all KNOW how women’s intuition works overtime trying to figure that out!

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And the secret to getting that style, that cut, that cool taste that will make you look hotter than what you do now, is…

… a REAL and PROPER hair consultation with a stylist trained by a multi- award winner

No hairdresser provides this BIG secret in creating a look that’ll give you that respected cool, classy, sophisticated look that’ll make you feel GREAT about yourself every time you step out. Here at X-Per-Tease, we are one of the very few (if any) hairdressers that won’t give you that silly ‘once size fits all’ male cut. Because we know that it’s the size and shape of your:

  • Face
  • Nose
  • Eyes
  • Height of cheek bones
  • Your face width
  • Your face length
  • Jaw line
  • Hair texture

… that largely decides what style will suit you, and make your face look better.

That’s what a Consultation can do for you.

It can change you, and how people perceive you… completely.


You remember that old show “Queer Eye on The Straight Guy” don’t you?

Now tell me those straight seriously daggy guys didn’t look COMPLETELY different, with a whole new look. That’s because those queer guys on the show essentially provided a CONSULTING service, and THAT’S the sort of consulting help is on offer at X-Per-Tease, to transform how you look, feel and think about yourself.

Not to mention how people will regard you, treat you and perceive you with the higher respect and admiration you deserve

And we know better than to give you a style that’s hard to maintain, or takes too long to do-up before you go out. Who has the time for this? You need a style that’s quick and easy to do. We know that. So that’s what we provide you with. Here’s some more news:

What you think suits you and makes you look better, is normally not the case for most guys.


You don’t know what style suits your kind of face and build because you haven’t been TRAINED to know this stuff. You won’t know how to assess all those physical features of your appearance that we just mentioned. This thing is partly science, and most hairdressers don’t really ‘get that’.

Most hairdressers don’t know how to assess your physical features let alone know what to do about it… to give you that hot, confident charismatic look that people respect and admire. That’s why…


If your hairdresser is the type who asks… “How do you want it cut?”

… then you know you’re dealing with the wrong one.


That’s a sure fire way of remaining frustrated with not getting that awesome look from ANY hairdresser you try. And no, we’re not going to insist on cutting your hair ‘our way’ or not at all. We’re simply going to inform you of what will look totally awesome and attractive on you. Then you tell us what cut you want.

Now you know that charisma… and a hot, stylish look which makes women notice you before any of your mates, is just a phone call away:
Take advantage of our -No Wait- policy.
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