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Award Winning Methods For Your PERFECT Look

OMG… you’re getting Married, and you can’t afford to have anything to STUFF UP on the biggest day of your life!

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Beautiful bride on wedding day
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Use an Award Winner & Remove all Worries

  • We come to your home
  • You can rent our Hair Extensions to save money
  • And above all…

… Discover How Our Teressa Au Certified Wedding Hair Stylist Will Remove All Your Worries, Anxieties and Stress Over the Biggest Day of Your Life… by Looking the Way You WANT to Look.


You have enough to organize and stress over, so we’ll make sure that how you look on the day isn’t one of them. And we have a means to achieve just that. Here’s how:

We spend a whole hour applying our unique consulting methods with you and your bridesmaids PRIOR to the day, to make sure we GET IT RIGHT.

Never worry… never fear… because we not only apply our creative expertise to make you almost delirious with how you’ll look, we also apply a scientific system based on your natural physical features such as your eye colour, length, width of your face, skin tone, hair texture and many other aspects of natural feature to properly ascertain WHAT LOOK WILL SUIT YOU.

This all consists of a series of tricks that our Bridal Hairdresser in Melbourne will apply to remove any stress or worry about how you’ll look on the biggest day of your life.

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